Pack Away in the most Beautiful Way!

Whether small treasures in the column cabinet or everyday objects, which are easy to pack away - here you will find suitable pieces of furniture for this! All made of solid teak wood, carefully crafted.


A slight discovery was the small cupboard with a desk top - a perfect set to read and write comfortably while standing, with plenty of storage space just below.


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Sideboard, teak, with 2 open compartments and 5 drawers ... can also be used as a HiFi board

>> Solid teak sideboard, white wash
>> 2 open compartments


Special features:
The back wall of the open compartments
consists of a rigid and a
sliding part (see on the product image,
right compartment, wall part pushed up).
In the case of accommodation

of HiFi- or TV-equipment, this

part of the back wall can
be opened (wall part will be in its
frame guide pushed up by hand).
The cables + plugs (also Schuko plugs)
can thus on the back of the sideboard
passed to the connection without obstruction
become. The wall part can be as far as possible
be closed again.


>> 5 spacious drawers
>> L approx. 185 cm
>> W approx. 50 cm
>> H approx. 55 cm
>> Wood thickness about 3 cm



The delivery time is 4-6 weeks.

Non-package-ready product - please note shipping charges

Sideboard, 5 Schubladen, Teak massiv

1.400,00 €

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