Surprising, impressive ...

... the strong teak roots with their flat glass top are a cozy, attractive dining table, coffee table or side table. This teak root glass table is used both indoors and outdoors.

The root is surface treated and given a glaze as the final finish.

The surface is ground flat so that a glass plate can be placed horizontally.

    Example image for a root glass dining table

Teak-Root-Glass-Table outdoor with Teak-Chairs
Teak-Root-Glass-Table outdoor with Teak-Chairs

 Example image for a root glass dining table 




Teak-Root-Couch-Glass-Table indoor
Teak-Root-Couch-Glass-Table indoor


... we can also offer other teak roots of various   sizes on request ...

Teak-Root for root - glass - coffee - table (without glass top)

>> Teak root, solid, as a substructure for a root glass couch / side table
(without glass plate)
>> surface treated with glaze
>> Surface for the glass plate support, horizontal, ground flat
>> wide base
>> L approx. 110 cm
>> W approx. 88 cm
>> H approx. 44 cm

>> for indoor and outdoor


Note: glass plate is not included in the price; it is selected and paid for by the buyer according to his ideas.



The delivery time is 4-6 weeks.

Non-package-ready product - please note shipping charges

Teakwurzel für Wurzel-Glas-Couch-/Beistelltisch, 110x88xH44, dunkel

1.300,00 €

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