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A Set not only to Drink Coffee

Two comfortable armchairs, a cozy bench where books and newspapers can be placed on the side of the chair, and an oval table that connects everything - this set fits in the living room and also winter gardens.

Since the furniture in the white-washed finish can also be suitable for outdoor use, the set in this version also provide balcony and terrace for comfort.

Coffeetable Set

Bench L 150 x D 50 x H 76, 2 Armchair L 74 x D 74 x H 75 and Coffetable with shelf

Wood thickness of the body appr. 3 cm;

(SET 0.115)

Also in the color "white washed"

(SET 0.116)


The delivery time is 4-6 weeks.

Non-package-ready product - please note shipping charges

Coffetable Set Teak, Bank, 2 Sessel, Coffetable

1.860,00 €

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