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Solid Wood Chairs - steadfast, elegant

The wood is finished with the visible outer edges of the tree - each chair is unique! The backrests are placed under the influence of heat into the slightly curved, anatomical shape, the sitting position is very pleasant!


The chairs were hand-sanded and painted, are moisture-repellent and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. Grown irregularities, cracks and smaller holes are largely balanced with a wood-epoxy resin mixture. 

Nevertheless, solid wood can still work. 

We have exhibited a selected MahoganyTable

 with Chairs and single Root Glass Objects at


14476 Potsdam, Potsdamer Chaussee 51, Germany


Suar solid, material and surface characteristics similar to "mahogany solid", suitable for all dining tables, heavy version, backrest in one piece (height approx. 104 cm), anatomically curved; The chair is only suitable for indoor use.

(C 0.68)


The delivery time is 10-14 days

special shipping charges outside Germany 

C 0.68 | Massivholzstuhl Mahagoni
280,00 €

230,00 €

  • 18 kg
  • verfügbar | available
  • 10 - 14 Tage Lieferzeit | delivery time outside Germany on request
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