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Charming Timeless

... these teak glass cabinets are elegant in the standard finish, fresh in the white-washed finish.

For everything you would like to see, even if you have cleared it in the cupboard

Glass Cabinet - solid teak

Glass Cabinet with three-sided glazing, 2 spacious drawers, 3 shelves, teak solid, varnished,

Wood thickness of the body appr. 3 cm,

H 180 x W 60 x D 50 cm;

(S 0.118) 

also in the color "white washed"

(S 0.119) 


The delivery time is 4-6 weeks.

Non-package-ready product - please note shipping charges

Glasvitrine, 2 Schubladen, 4 Einlegeböden, Teak massiv
1.490,00 €

1.190,00 €

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